Digital Support Library

Operating Systems

Required Software and Updates Working with Files and Folders
Adobe Reader Installing Create a New Folder
Download Libre Office Rename a Folder 1
Installing Libre Office Rename a Folder 2
Installing Java Create a PDF file
Update the Operating System Move Folder or File
Recognize File Types Find Folder or File
  Delete Folder or File
  Delete Folder or File permanently
Compressing a Folder or File
With Windows tool
With Winrar
Open the Compressed File
With Windows tool
With Winrar

Graphics / Multimedia

Working with Pictures and Photos Working with videos Working with audio files
Launch Paint Getting started with MovieMaker Installing Audacity
File menu usage Opening the Video Record audio files
Home menu usage Cut the Videos Working with recorded files
Wiew menu usage Merging Videos Installing Audacity
color box use Adding sound Start the Program
save the file Delete sound Recording Audio File
draw line Installing the Software Opening a Registered File
Draw Shape Launching Software Disconnecting Sound File
Change Line and Shape colors Opening Video Adding Audio Files
Adding a Word to a Picture Divide Video Audio File Shift
Selecting a Section on Picture and Photo Cut Video Envelope Application
Deleting a Section Combining Videos Exporting a Sound File
Cut Deleting the Current Voice
Copy Adding Audio to Video
Getting and Saving Pictures on the Screen  
Open Paint Program  
Using the Software  
Picture and Photo Editing  
Save the picture on the screen  

Web Technologies

Getting Started on The Web Saving Web Resources Use of Search Engines Create an E-mail Account Use of Google Drive
Recognize Web Browsers Print a Page Getting to Know The Search Engines Create a Gmail Account Using Documents
Open a Page Saving a Page Simple Search Create a livemail Account Working with Tables
Using Favorites Saving a Picture Advanced Search Create a YandexMail Account Working with Slides
Opening the Internet Browser Downloading a Document from a Web Page Search Content in Search Engine Create a Yahoo Account Using forms
Opening a Web Page Printing a Web Page Image Search Using Drawings
Using Favorites Register a Web Page Video Search Introduction to Google Docs
Register a Picture from a Web Page Location Search Using Documents
Advanced Search Using Spreadsheets
Using Slides
Using Forms
Using Drawings

Web 2.0 Tools

Hangout Edublog Hp Reveal (Aurasma)
Canva Actionbound
Kahoot Learningapps
Padlet Edpuzzle Weebly
Socrative Classdojo
Toondoo Moovly
Certificate Magic Flockdraw
Pivot Animator Sketch Toy
Padlet kullanmak edpuzzle
educationweebly edmodo
cartoon_maker certificate_magic
comic_creator dvolver
eduteach_how_much_is_that_robot eduteach_is_that_a_tiger
eduteach_my_i_have_blanket eduteach_what_color_is_this
zimmertwinsatschool eduteach_what_do_you_like
e-yep e-yep_animal-counting
e-yep_balloon e-yep_better_than_you
e-yep_i_see e-yep_just_like_dad
e-yep_the_day_of_the_week flock_draw
ixl_choose_the_letter_that_you_hear web_pages_to_pdf
ixl_choose_the_picture raw_shorts
ixl_identify_first_sound_in_the_word quick_certifikate
ixl_same_sound_exercise sound_exercises_ixl
ixl_sound_exercises ixl_use_color_words
ixl_use_number_words_one_to_five poster_mywall
ixl_which_could_happen_in_real_life little_bird_tales
little_bird_tales_files make_beliefs_comix
story_jumper online_converter
online_converter_mp4 online_video_converter_convert
online_video_converter_download pdf_to_docx
pdf_to_image pivot_animator
pivot_animator_download pivot_animator_install


Abc Alphabet Abc Kids Tracing&Phonics Alpha Tots Alphabet Animation&Drawing By Do İnk
Another Monster At The End Arties World Arty Mouse Numbers Beck And Bo
Bee Bot Book Creator For İpad Bose Sound Touch Bugs And Numbers
Busy Shapes&Colors Camscanner Canva Chatterpix Kids
Class Dojo Codespark Academy Kids Coding Comic Life Cospaces Edu
Crazy Gears Curious George Dailyart Daniel Tigers Day&Night
Daniel Tigers For Parents Daniel Tigers Grr-İfic Feelings Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Dıy Human Body
Dıy Nano Dıy Sun Science Doodle Math Shapes Dora Abcs Vol 1
Dora Abcs Vol 2 Dragonbox Elements Geometry Drawnimal By Yatatoy Draw And Tell
Dreamykid Meditation App Just For Kids Drive About Numbers Drops Duolingo
Dyned Edmodo Elmo Loves Abcs Endless Alphabet
Epic! Facerig Digital Cosplay Faces İmake Right Brain Creativity Fiete Farm
Fish School Follett Destiny Fuzzy Numbers Pre K Foundation Geoboard
Geogebra Classic Glogster Multimedia Posters Goodreads Book Reviews Google Calendar
Google Classroom Google Drive Google Earth Google Expeditions
Google Keep Notes And Lists Google Play Books Google Science Journal Google Snapseed
Google Translate Google Youtube Kids Grandmas Preschool Graphmented
Green Screen By Do İnk Gus On The Go İtalian Gus On The Go Turkish Hidden Pictures Puzzle Town
Highlights Monster Day Hip Hop Hen Hootsuite Hopscotch Coding For Kids
Howtosmile Hungry Caterpillar Play School İ Touchi Learn Life Skills Jungle Coins
Jungle Time Kazu Adventures Khan Academy Kids Kids A-Z
Kids Learn Mandarin Klm Learnenglish Kids Playtime Learn French By Mindsnacks Learn İtalian By Mindsnacks
Learn Languages With Memrise Learn Spanish By Mindsnacks Learn To Talk First Words Lightbot Code Hour
Lingokids English For Kids Lingupunguin English Chinese Little Bird Tales Little Chatterbox For Kids
Little Pim Lucy&Pogo Animal Storybook Lumafusion Marcopolo Ocean
Marcopolo World School Math Games For Kids Max&Meredith Metamorphabet
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Office Lens Microsoft Onedrive Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Power Bl Microsoft Translator Microsoft Word Mimo Learnk To Code
Mind Mapping Mindmeister Mixerpiece Monkey Math School Sunshine Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
Monkey Word School Adventure Montessorium İntro To Geo Moose Math By Duck Duck Moose Motion Math
My Play Home Hospital My Play Home Stores Notability Oz Phonics
Paintpad Space School Edition Pbs Kids Games Peekaboo Barn Peg Cat Big Gig
Penzu Free Diary&Private Journal Pic Jointer For Photo Collage Play And Learn Science Puppet Pals
Purepaint Kids Quiver 3D Coloring App Quiver Education Quiver Masks
Quizlet Reading Eggs Learn To Read Reading Raven Read Ask Chat For Children
Safe Kids 4 Youtube Kiddztube Sago Mini Hat Maker Sat Vocad By Mindsnacks Scratch Jr
Sentence Builder Master Pro Skyorb Lite Smoovie Stop Motion Start With Art
Star Walk2 Night Sky Map Tally Tots Counting Task Organizer Teacher Class123
Team Umizoomi Math Zoom İnto Numbers The Cat İn The Hat The Elements By Theodore Gray Tiny Robot Maker
Toca Band Toca Pet Doctor Todo Math Tongo Music For Kids
Toontastic 3D Train Code Visually Udemy Online Courses Universal Zoom
Virtual Classroom Wonster Words Learning Word Wagon World Map Quiz